5 key reasons why you should hold spare parts for your conveyor systems

Mar 4, 2024

We understand the pivotal role that your conveyor system plays in your day-to-day operations. ConveyorCare from CSL is a comprehensive suite of maintenance and servicing solutions designed to cater to the unique needs of your specific conveyor system. ConveyorCare is designed to minimise downtime, reduce operational costs, and address safety concerns to ensure that your conveyor system operates at peak performance.


In the fast-paced eCommerce, distribution, and warehouse world, conveyor systems keep operations running. These systems’ timely maintenance is crucial. It acts as a preventative medicine that ensures ongoing health and peak performance.

We understand that whilst you conveyor system may be newly installed, it may also still be within it’s warranty with your integrator. However, we still advise that you hold stock of the key spare parts. We can work with you to identify what to hold and can manage the process of replacing these parts when needed.

Powered roller conveyor

1 – Minimise downtime

Having spare parts readily available ensures quick replacements in case of conveyor system breakdowns, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational continuity.


2 – Faster repairs

With spare parts on hand, maintenance teams can promptly address issues without waiting for parts to be ordered or delivered, reducing repair times and improving overall efficiency. In some cases parts need to be ordered from mainland Europe and lead times can run into several weeks for some parts. You can avoid downtime and hold these key spares and get your systems up and running quickly.


3 – Meet customer demands

A smoothly functioning conveyor system is essential for timely order processing and fulfilment. Spare parts enable rapid repairs, ensuring uninterrupted operations and meeting customer delivery expectations.


4 – Cost Savings

Waiting for spare parts to be shipped during downtime can incur expedited shipping costs and lost revenue. Holding spare parts in inventory can mitigate these expenses and prevent revenue loss due to prolonged downtime.


5 – Proactive maintenance

Having spare parts available encourages proactive maintenance practices. Regularly replacing worn components before they fail can prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend the lifespan of the conveyor system.

Team repairing roller

CSL can help

If you’re interested in our suite of ConveyorCare maintenance or want to understand what spare parts to hold speak to our knowledgeable aftersales team contact us on:

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