Spiral Conveyor Systems

In warehouse management, spatial limitations and multi-floor storage challenges are evident. Our cutting-edge spiral conveyor solutions are the answer to seamless warehouse movement.

With 100s of expert spiral conveyors installed, we bring you proven technology that optimises space utilisation and gives unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our spiral conveyor systems offer the perfect solution to raise or lower products. They ensure a smooth flow across various levels.

We deliver innovative solutions that enhance your efficiency and maximise storage potential. Transform your warehouse and distribution centres into models of space-efficient productivity.


Features of Spiral Conveyors

  • Slat widths range from 200mm to 600mm
  • Multi-lane configurations for expanded operational widths
  • Impressive heights reaching up to 20m/60ft and beyond
  • Compact footprint starting from 1240mm², conserving valuable space
  • Impressive speeds of up to 90m/minute
  • Continuous throughput for seamless operations
  • Versatility in handling irregular items, cartons, boxes, totes, and more
  • Ensured safe transit between multiple floors and heights
  • High load capacity of up to 50kg per meter
  • Fully reversible functionality for enhanced flexibility
  • Innovative stacked spiral solutions

AmbaFlex Partnership

Experience enhanced throughput and space efficiency with our AmbaFlex Partnership. These systems allow you to elevate your warehouse operations to new heights of 20m and beyond. They also integrate with your own systems for an effortless flow of material.

Their shallow incline and high grip slats make them perfect for elevating items like totes, cases, cartons, and bags. If you’re looking to boost productivity whilst maximising space, these are the solutions for you.

Design and Customisation

We offer plenty of design and customisation opportunities to suit your business. We can tailor our systems to your needs, accommodating various configurations. This includes single infeed as well as outfeed and multiple-level induction and diversion bridges.

Typical Spiral Footprints
Model Belt Width Footprint
SV-200-1000 200mm 1240mm²
SV-300-900 300mm 1240mm²
SV-400-1300 400mm   1740mm²
SV-400-1800 400mm   2240mm²
SV-500-1300  500mm 1840mm²
SV-600-1600 600mm 2240mm²


What is a spiral conveyor?

A spiral conveyor is a conveying system that moves products vertically. It is ideally suited for limited spaces and multi-floor elevation requirements.

How does a gravity spiral conveyor differ from other spiral conveyors?

A gravity spiral conveyor uses the force of gravity to move products downward without needing external power sources.

What materials are suitable for spiral conveyor belts?

Our spiral conveyors can handle a range of materials. These include irregular items, cartons, boxes, totes, bags, and more.

Can the spiral conveyor system be customised to fit my facility's unique space and requirements?

Absolutely! Our designs can be tailored with widths from 200mm-600mm and heights up to 20m/60ft and beyond. Multi-lane and stacked solutions are also available.

Are spiral conveyors safe for transporting fragile items?

Yes, our conveyors are designed to ensure a smooth and safe transit, suitable even for fragile items.

How fast can products be transported using the spiral conveyor system?

Our systems can reach speeds of up to 90m/minute, ensuring swift and continual throughput.

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