Automated Vertical Storage Systems

Automated vertical storage systems work to optimise warehouse and distribution centre storage. These systems retrieve items from vertically stacked trays or bins, bringing them to an accessible pick-up point.

By capitalising on the full height of a facility, they reduce the floor space required for storage. All while increasing the accuracy and speed of inventory retrieval. These solutions streamline operations in an era where rapid order fulfilment is crucial. They reduce human error and maximise your storage density. Allowing you to modernise your storage approach and ensuring you stay competitive in the fast-paced logistics landscape.

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Key features

Vertical Storage Systems are the future of warehouse efficiency. Here are the standout features:

  • Rapid installation: Minimise operational disruptions with our quick setup, ensuring a speedier return on investment.
  • Operator bays: Designed for hassle-free picking and refilling. These bays dramatically streamline the workflow and decrease manual labour.
  • Motorised elevator: At the heart of our AVSS is a central motorised elevator. This ensures rapid and smooth movement of product trays for immediate inventory access.

By harnessing these features, our systems promise a seamless transition to a more efficient, space-saving, and time-optimised storage system. Letting you experience the next level in warehouse operations.

Benefits of automated vertical storage systems (AVSS)

  • Space efficiency: Experience unprecedented space conservation, saving up to 90% of your existing storage area.
  • Time efficiency: Negate the need for operators to traverse vast warehouses, optimising product retrieval times.
  • Safety & security: Elevate safety by eliminating high-level access and enhancing security, granting entry solely to authorised personnel, and ensuring stock protection.
  • Precision & productivity: The integrated system identifies products, increasing accuracy in storage and retrieval processes.
  • Optimal stock management: Stay ahead with consistent and automated stock-level recordings. Enabling precise inventory tracking and management.
Vertical Storage

Choosing the right storage system for your needs

Selecting the perfect automated vertical storage system requires understanding your industry’s specific demands. You should consider the volume of items stored, retrieval frequency, and any unique specs your goods may need.

These systems thrive in diverse settings, proving pivotal in industries like eCommerce with rapid order fulfilment. They are also beneficial in manufacturing, where component accessibility can drive efficiency. And also in pharmaceuticals, where precise storage and retrieval can make a marked difference. With extensive stock varieties, the retail sector also stands to gain from such systems.

A tailored solution not only satisfies your current needs but anticipates future growth and shifts in demand. Choosing wisely can revolutionise your operation, fostering scalability and enhanced performance.

Automated vertical storage systems FAQs

How quickly can an Automated Vertical Storage System be installed?

With their design focused on rapid installation, most systems can be up and running in a significantly short timeframe. However, the exact duration may vary based on the model and site specifics.

How does the system improve stock management?

Automated Vertical Storage Solutions have features that consistently record and track stock levels. This ensures real-time updates and efficient stock management.

Can the system be integrated with other warehouse management software?

Most advanced solutions integrate with a range of warehouse management software, enhancing efficiency.

Is training required for operators to use the system?

While the systems are designed for intuitive use, a brief training session is recommended. This ensures operators fully understand and maximize the system’s capabilities.

What maintenance does an Automated Vertical Storage System require?

Regular maintenance is minimal but important for the system’s longevity. It typically includes periodic checks on the motor, software updates, and occasional cleaning.

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