Efficiency Boost with CSL’s Conveyor System at Morrisons

See this system in action in our brief YouTube video here.

Revamping Bouquet Assembly

Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc recently collaborated with Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL) to boost operational efficiency. They achieved this by setting up an automated conveyor system at their major Midlands packing hub. This system was dedicated to managing Morrison’s high-quality hand-tied flower bouquets, carefully assembled by hand.

System Design for Delicate Handling

Ensuring the quality and freshness of their flowers, Morrison’s sought a system that combines speed with delicate handling. This required swift transit from automated water dosing machines to completed flower bouquets in strapped cases. CSL responded with an innovative design.

Three-pronged Efficiency with Conveyor Systems

The system primarily consists of three 25m long, heavy-duty, waterproof modular slat conveyors. Each conveyor has its own variable speed drive, allowing bucket throughput fine-tuning in sync with packing volumes. Empty buckets partially filled with water and preserving solution are automatically fed onto the outer conveyors.

Smooth Bouquet Transition

After a bucket is loaded with a bouquet, it is smoothly transferred from either side onto the wider, central conveyor. This careful transition protects the overhanging flower heads and ensures their quality is maintained.

End of Line Process

The process concludes with the buckets manually transferred into pre-erected cases. The cases are then securely banded shut using Gordian strappers, which makes them easier to carry and prevents any damage to the flowers.

Enhancing Efficiency

Morrison’s new system resulted in improved efficiencies and increased throughputs. These benefits are reflected in the quality and freshness of the completed flower bouquets delivered to their many stores and distribution centres across the country.

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