Conveyor Systems in tune with Handling needs

A leading specialist retailer of digital media, looked to create shopfloor space within the 40+ high street stores in and around the M25 network, by reviewing delivery procedures from its Distribution Centre. Working closely with the main contractor, a leading manufacturer of labelling systems, CSL was appointed to integrate and interface their conveyor system, as well as linking the various operations.

Previously, product delivered into high street stores had to go directly into a stockroom to be individually priced before being displayed in store. This obviously meant a commitment of space and was labour intensive.

Working closely with the main contractor, CSL designed and installed two lane sortation systems that that could handle all digital media products, integrating and interfacing this with labelling equipment.  Product is singulated on twin slat low friction timing belts and datum edged to centralise feed to the labelling position.  Once scanned, a security label is adhered to the upper face and a price label fixed from below.

A barcode scanner reads and identifies the label that activates one of several high speed pushers to divert product down a chute into a dedicated store bin. Operating at up to 60 units per minute, the barcode tracks and once a bin reaches the required quantity, a blade stop is released to allow a touching bin to move into position with the full bin buffering up. Any none reads or specials are transferred to a collection point at the end of the line for sorting.

A spokesperson reported, “Conveyor Systems have worked with us previously and knew they were more than capable and had a great deal of expertise and experience in our industry. Working as part of the team they came up with a solution that was both innovative, functional and cost effective.

The new system has reduced the need for stockroom space as delivered product can go straight to display.

The project was successfully completed on time and within budget.”

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