CSL Provide Clinical supply chain conveying solution

Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL) were selected to design and supply a material handling system to support order picking, packing and dispatch of a range of insulated shippers containing investigational medicinal products, for one of the world’s leading providers of clinical supply chain solutions.

Stored in a new state of the art chilled temperature controlled facility, product is accessed from a mezzanine floor and order picked from racking plus automated vertical carousels. At 7 packing stations, orders are inspected and manually packed into a range of pre-validated shippers, designed to meet the majority of controlled-temperature shipment needs.

CSL designed a bespoke powered roller conveyor that was mounted on special feet enabling the conveyor to be powered by SEW geared motor units at an operating height of just 300mm off the floor, and handling a range of cardboard insulated shippers up to 680 x 500 x 600mm and weighing a maximum of 40kg.

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Completed orders are fed onto the roller conveyor to be transported around a roller bend powered by motorised roller drives. At this point, products travel through a positive pressure enclosure with rapid acting doors located at the entry and exit points and a fire shutter door before passing into an adjacent ambient temperature warehouse for despatch.

A spokesperson reported, “Because of the possible weight of the shippers to be dispatched, it was essential that the loading height of the conveyor was at an easy and accessible height to allow the use of handtrucks in the packing zone of the mezzanine.

Conveyor Systems Ltd provided the technical support and know-how in providing a bespoke solution to meet our needs and integrating this with an airlock system in a clean environment. The system has been a success and has proved to be both totally reliable in operation and efficient by significantly increasing our orders being shipped.”