CSL provide innovative sortation & conveying solution to E-commerce

Conveyor Systems Limited (CSL) has recently added to their sortation range to include a state of the art modular activated roller belt sorter.

The DARB (Double Activated Roller Belt) sorter was recently installed as part of an integrated system supplied to an e-commerce company in order to provide optimized product flow, as well as high speed sortation of small to awkward sized products not suited to conventional conveyor solutions.

The sorter is compact with the capability to divert single or small numbers of products in a minimal foot print, this versatile modular technology can effectively handle a wide range of products from CD’s, books, mail, polybags, cartons, cases and totes.

The CSL system can sort bi-directionally at 30 & 90 degrees, merging and aligning items in order to increase efficiency, functionality and reduce costs. Depending on size, products can be sorted at up to 3600 per/hour at speeds of 75m per minute.

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