CSL’s Innovative Conveyor System for a Leading 3PL

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The client, a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, was grappling with the challenge of efficiently sorting and dispatching electronic equipment for a major household brand. They sought an end-of-line packing to despatch sortation conveyor system that could handle a wide variety of product sizes and weights.

The client’s system needed to process cartons from two packing areas consisting of 30+ packing operatives, at a combined rate of 1,200 units per hour. The merging of these cartons onto a single transit/takeaway system was technically challenging, given the variation in product sizes and weights. The customer also needed a solution that could validate the weights of each carton and communicate with their Warehouse Management System (WMS) through a high-specification top reading barcode reader. Any packages outside of the specified weight tolerances needed to be diverted to a Quality Assurance (QA) lane.

The CSL Solution

Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL) leveraged its expertise in creating customised solutions to design a conveyor system that could meet the client’s needs. Following an extensive period of research and development and a series of trials, CSL developed an innovative conveyor design using Interroll 400v Belt conveyors and 24v Zero Pressure Accumulation motorised roller conveyor. These systems could operate at speeds of up to 1 metre per second, providing the throughput the client required.

Using the high speeds and implementation of metering belt conveyors ensured gapping and singulation of cartons from the two packing areas for the cartons, regardless of size or weight, for a seamless merge onto the common transit system.

As part of the WMS integration, CSL implemented a high-specification top reading barcode reader. This allowed the system to communicate with the WMS, ensuring that each carton was check-weighed and the weights validated. Packages outside the tolerance range were automatically diverted to a QA lane.


What is Check-Weighing?

Find out about this important quality-control feature here.


With CSL’s conveyor solution, the client was able to significantly improve their packing to dispatch process. The system ensured that all cartons, irrespective of their size or weight, could be processed efficiently and accurately.

By integrating with the client’s WMS and providing real-time weight validation, the system significantly reduced the number of out-of-tolerance packages. This resulted in a more streamlined and efficient end-of-line process, enhancing the client’s overall productivity.

In conclusion, CSL’s customised conveyor system offered a robust and efficient solution, meeting the specific challenges faced by the 3PL. With its innovative approach and technical expertise, CSL was able to transform the client’s end-of-line packing to despatch process, delivering substantial operational benefits.

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