Streamlining order fulfilment for a major meal kit provider

The Challenge

Our client, a prominent provider of meal kits, faced the challenge of enhancing the efficiency of their order fulfilment process. As the demand for meal kit delivery services continued to surge, the client needed a solution to expedite the picking and packing of customer orders, ensuring a seamless and accurate operation. Their unique requirement involved packing orders into one of three box sizes, each corresponding to the order’s size. 

The CSL Solution

Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL), a trusted expert in custom solutions, stepped in to design and implement an automation system tailored to the client’s specific needs. The process began with the integration of two Lantech case erectors at the outset of two production lines. These innovative erectors automatically sized boxes according to the order and directed them through motorised roller conveyors onto the correct line. Here, a Weber labeller applied the customer’s address label to each box, ensuring precise delivery.

Next, each box moved into the Pick to Light picking areas, where skilled operatives efficiently assembled each order. Finally, a case sealer sealed the boxes, rendering them ready for despatch.

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Realising Efficiency

By implementing this comprehensive automation system, our client achieved a remarkable transformation in their order fulfilment process. The integration of Lantech case erectors and motorised roller conveyors enabled a streamlined and rapid process from box sizing to order despatch. The Weber labeller ensured that each box was accurately labelled, reducing the likelihood of errors.

The Pick to Light picking areas facilitated a seamless and efficient assembly of customer orders, leading to quicker order completion and, ultimately, faster delivery times. The final touch, the case sealer, securely sealed each box, guaranteeing that orders were despatched intact and ready for the journey.


In conclusion, CSL’s customised automation system offered a robust and efficient solution, uniquely designed to meet the specific challenges faced by our client. With our innovative approach and technical expertise, we successfully revolutionised the client’s order fulfilment process, delivering substantial operational benefits.

This case study showcases how CSL’s tailored solutions can empower businesses in the meal kit industry to thrive and meet the growing demands of their customers.

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