5 MORE reasons why you should hold spare parts for your conveyor systems

Mar 11, 2024

Our recent list of reasons to hold spare parts to ensure the smooth and consistent operation of youR conveyor and automation system highlighted some key reasons as to why you should hold spare parts.


In this list we explore 5 more key reasons

1 – Flexibility in scheduling

Spare parts availability provides flexibility in scheduling maintenance activities. Maintenance can be performed during off-peak hours or scheduled downtime without delays caused by waiting for parts to arrive.


2 – Redundancy for critical components

Some conveyor system components may be critical for operation, and failure could halt warehouse operations entirely. Keeping redundant spare parts ensures continuous operation even in the event of component failures.


3 – Emergency preparedness

Unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or supplier disruptions can affect parts availability. Holding spare parts ensures the business is prepared for emergencies and can quickly resume operations without relying on external suppliers. Anyone who struggled to order electrical components for cars or gaming consoles when a large factory in China was unable to produce will understand the frustration and cost this can cause.


4 – Maintain productivity levels

Downtime due to conveyor system failures directly impacts productivity levels. Spare parts enable rapid repairs, allowing the warehouse to maintain high levels of productivity and meet order processing targets.


5 – Long-term reliability

Investing in spare parts demonstrates a commitment to the long-term reliability and performance of the conveyor system. By proactively managing maintenance and repairs, the business can minimize disruptions and optimize operational efficiency over time.

Repairing roller on conveyor

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