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Solutions for factories

Now more than ever conveyor systems and automation is a key tool in in driving transformation, improving operational efficiencies and improving the speed and accuracy of your operations.

CSL help you by designing and installing state-of-the-art solutions that redefine efficiency and precision on the factory floor. Find out how our automated systems, integrating advanced control, robotics, and conveyor technologies, can help you take your business to the next level.

Delving into bespoke systems

Bespoke Automation comes in many forms and addresses a wide range of industrial needs. It spans from simple product transfers between assembly or workstations. To more complex end-of-line processes involving packing, labelling, wrapping, and palletizing. Even seemingly modest conveyor projects can provide significant benefits within a short timeframe. Yet, automation hardware is only as effective as the controlling software behind it. We offer a suite of control and integration packages to ensure seamless operation within your business.

Our offerings include;

  • Remote operator touchscreen HMI stations
  • Production data and reporting capabilities
  • Advanced features like barcode reading
  • Stock replenishment.

We commit to ensuring that our hardware and software work in harmony with your solutions.

Automation in factories

The integration of automation in factory operations goes beyond being a mere trend; it has become an essential requirement in today’s manufacturing landscape. Explore the benefits:


  • Enhanced efficiency: Embrace automated systems to minimise human errors and optimize workflow, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency within the factory.
  • Cost reduction: Significantly lower operational costs by automating tasks that were once labor-intensive, leading to a more cost-effective manufacturing process.
  • Increased accuracy: Experience precise order fulfillment through automation, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction as errors are minimised and accuracy is maximised.
  • Scalability: Easily adapt to fluctuating demands by scaling up your automated systems, providing a flexible and responsive solution to meet the dynamic needs of the manufacturing environment.

Essential elements for automation in factories

The success of automation in factories hinges on critical components that foster efficiency and innovation:

  • Factory Control System (FCS): Acts as the orchestrator for operations, synchronizing equipment, and ensuring a seamless workflow within the factory environment.
  • Automated machinery: Encompassing solutions for order picking, storage, and distribution operations, a variety of automated machinery elevates accuracy and boosts overall productivity on the factory floor.
  • Integration: Seamlessly unite your Factory Management System (FMS) with FCS to optimize the core of your automation initiative, ensuring a harmonized and efficient operation within the factory setting.

The ROI of warehouse and distribution automation

Over time you can benefit from substantial cost savings an automated processes will offer through reduced labour costs, operational inefficiencies, and error-related costs.

CSL can help you acheive improved accuracy and reduced error rates as automation avoids human errors, ensuring accurate order fulfilment that will lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Tailored warehouse solutions for your needs

At CSL, we pride ourselves on delivering adaptable and versatile solutions that cater to your specific demands. Our offerings seamlessly align with the requirements of diverse business scales and types, whether you’re a nimble start-up or a well-established enterprise. With a focus on adaptability and customisation, we ensure that our warehouse solutions perfectly match your unique requirements, fostering efficiency and growth across the board.


What is bespoke automation?

Bespoke automation refers to custom automation that meet the requirements of a business. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, these are designed for the unique challenges and needs of an industry or process.

How does bespoke handling differ from standard handling solutions?

Bespoke handling is tailored to your needs, ensuring efficient, optimal and seamless operations. Standard solutions, while effective, might not cater to the unique constraints of your business.

Why should I consider bespoke machinery for my business?

Bespoke machinery ensures that the equipment aligns with your operational needs. This also reduces the need for many machinery or workarounds that might be necessary with generic solutions.

Are bespoke conveyor systems more expensive than off-the-shelf options?

The initial investment for bespoke systems may be higher but they offer long-term savings. This is by reducing maintenance costs, increasing efficiency, and removing the need for more equipment.

Can I upgrade my current system with bespoke automation solutions?

Absolutely! We specialise in integrating bespoke solutions into existing operations. This ensures a seamless transition and optimal performance enhancement.

How do I know if bespoke automation is right for my business?

Our experienced team offers consultations to understand your requirements. We can then recommend the best solutions. If standard systems don’t address your challenges, bespoke automation is often the ideal choice.

Our Automation & Conveyor Solutions

We work closely with the industry leaders in conveyor and automation systems to provide the quality, reliability and durability required. Ensuring all projects are completed to the highest possible standard.

We have a wide range of modular and bespoke conveyor systems to provide customers with maximum flexibility, tailoring designs to your individual handling applications and budgets. Layouts can be designed to integrate with existing conveyor systems and associated equipment.

Our conveyor system project team can assess individual requirements, however complex, and then design and construct the most efficient solution whilst remaining cost-effective and within budget.

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