Conveyor System Modifications, Modernisations, and Upgrades

Why Modify, Modernise, or Upgrade Your Conveyor System?

As industries grow and demands shift, businesses must evolve to stay competitive. Your Conveyor System is no different.

Factors like greater product volumes and increased throughput need calls for system modifications. Other considerations like technology advancements, safety standards, and sustainability play vital roles, too. Modernising or upgrading your conveyors caters to these and offers enhanced speed, capacity, and efficiency.

A timely and strategic upgrade ensures that your business remains at the forefront. Allowing you to harness the full potential of a well-tuned conveyor system. Letting you meet increasing demands while upholding peak operational performance.

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Embracing Technological Advancements

The conveyor industry is buzzing with technological evolution. From intelligent sensors to adaptive algorithms, the latest trends in conveyor technology will redefine warehousing and distribution. Automation and control systems, in particular, are crucial. Not only for increasing system productivity but also for accuracy and streamlining operations.

These innovations are about enhancing your current system to its optimal potential. At CSL, we pride ourselves on being tech-forward. We don’t just follow trends – we implement them. Our modernisation approach integrates the newest technological advances into your existing conveyor system. Ensuring you’re always a step ahead in operational excellence.

Ensuring Compliance with Safety Regulations

As the landscape of industrial operations evolves, so do health and safety guidelines. Emphasising the paramount importance of a compliant conveyor system.

Upgrades addressing safety are no longer a luxury but a necessity. This may entail integrating enhanced guardrails, modern emergency stops, or safety control mechanisms.

At CSL, we anticipate safety standards. Our unwavering commitment to safety is manifested in our proactive approach. We endeavour to forecast upcoming shifts. Ensuring your system isn’t just compliant today but prepared for tomorrow.

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Our Approach: The CSL Difference

At CSL, we believe in transcending boundaries. No matter who installed your conveyor system, our expertise ensures impeccable modifications. Regardless of whether it is a modernisation or upgrade.

We recognise the benefits of proactive system refinements. From optimising productivity to ensuring paramount safety. Committing ourselves to ongoing upgrades fosters long-term efficiency and fortifies your competitive edge. With CSL by your side, your conveyor system doesn’t just adapt; it thrives. Geared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Introducing Conveyor Care from CSL

We are proud to offer our ‘Conveyor Care’ contracts – tailored maintenance solutions designed with your needs in mind. Available in three tiers – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – these contracts provide varying levels of coverage, allowing you to select the one best suited to your specific requirements. All Conveyor Care contracts come with a 10% discount on spare parts packages.

We understand that each business is unique, and we’re committed to providing a solution that aligns with your operation’s scale, complexity, and budget. By choosing a Conveyor Care contract, you’re choosing to prolong the life of your system, maximise your return on investment, and uphold the safety of your workspace.

Whether your conveyor system has been a part of your operation for a decade or a day, our mission at CSL is to ensure it continues to serve your business efficiently and effectively for many years to come. Take the importance of PPM and maintenance seriously, and have confidence that CSL are the right team to trust with the longevity of your conveyor system.

Invest in the future of your conveyor system. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Conveyor Care contracts and secure the support your system deserves.

Carrying out regular service work on your conveyor system will significantly reduce the risk of breakdowns and can highlight parts that need replacing before they fail.

Our Maintenance options include:


  • Annual service contracts
  • Ad-hoc/reactive service visits
  • Visual inspections Scheduled/Preventative maintenance visits
  • Wear part replacement programmes
  • System health checks
  • Remote dial in health checks


We understand the importance of your conveyor system within your warehouse/fulfillment centre/factory, in the rare event of a breakdown we will organise one of our qualified/experienced engineers to visit site ASAP and carry out the repairs needed to get you operational again.

We can repair conveyors installed by ourselves and other integrators, our engineers specialise in equipment manufactured by Conveyor Units (Uni-XU), Interroll, Ambaflex, Qimarox, Intralox, etc.

Spare Parts

Having a supply of consumable and critical spare parts on site is always highly recommended, we estimate that more than 85% of equipment breakdowns can be repaired on the initial engineer visit if parts are held on site!

The supply of spare parts could involve anything from adhoc ordering of individual parts, “front line” breakdown spares kits, critical wear parts or comprehensive spares packages to suit your bespoke system which can fitted by either your in-house maintenance engineers or fully experienced CSL engineers. Spare parts packages can be mechanical, electrical or control based or even a mix to suit your system and requirements.

We can supply both from our own stock of critical genuine spares and a large inventory from our suppliers. Expedited delivery options are also available.

Modernisation & Upgrades

However well designed a conveyor system layout is, sometimes changes in products, company direction, increases in throughputs or changes in scope occur, meaning the previous conveyor system will need changes.

These changes often include:

  • Re-configurations
  • Upgrades
  • Extensions
  • Relocations
  • Fire escape route changes
  • Change in routes/scope or function
  • Safety system upgrades
  • Improvements in energy efficiency
  • Control and software changes

Our continual improvement programs will help you to optimise workflow while also reducing the operation costs. CSL understand the importance of your conveyor system and will define a detailed plan of implementation to minimise downtime and disruption.

By carrying out these changes not only does it save money over a new system it also cuts down on downtime and environmental wastage.


Over time safety requirements and legislation change, to help keep your conveyor system compliant and operationally safe CSL can carry out modifications to an existing system and its safety functions.

Often the suggested safety upgrades and modifications include:

  • Electrical
  • Pullcord e-stop systems
  • Additional & relocation of e-stops
  • Safety barriers & bump stops
  • Pedestrian barriers including gates
  • Traffic barriers
  • Build back sensors
  • Walk over structures
  • Retro fitting lift up gates

A lot of these changes are simple and can help organisations remain safe and complaint with health and safety legislation. A quick on-site survey can help us identify possible improvements and make suggestions for these changes.

Relocations & Decommissioning

For multiple reasons materials handling systems need relocating, this is usually within the same building or to a new facility. Our project team will carry out a site and equipment survey and will produce a project plan. This would be similar to the work carried out when the system was initially installed and will ensure the equipment will fit in the new location either in the same layout or with a re-configuration.

The equipment will then be disconnected and moved to the new location before being re-fixed and re-connected, this might also involve adding to the system or making software and control modifications.

Our projects and engineering teams can also assist with complete end of usable life decommissioning prior to recycling, this includes disconnecting and making safe the electrics, removal and palletising before collection.

Creating relationships that last

We are proud to have completed installations for many major organisations, forging strong relationships and continuing to provide automation solutions through ongoing maintenance or follow-on projects due to expansion and our customers’ trust in CSL to meet and exceed their needs.