CSL explains the key role of an Integrator

Jan 19, 2024

What is an integrator?

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, the term “integrator” has gained prominence. But what exactly is an integrator, and what role do they play in the realm of automation? Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL), a leader in materials handling solutions, and experienced integrator sheds light on the intricacies of integrators and their crucial function in enhancing operational efficiency.

An automation integrator, often referred to as a systems integrator, is a specialised company that plays a pivotal role in the design, implementation, and optimisation of automated systems within various industries.   The key attribute is the ability to unify all of the equipment/solutions to provide a complete end to end offering.

These professionals act as orchestrators, bringing together diverse technologies, equipment, and processes to create a cohesive and streamlined solution tailored to the unique needs of a business.

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Key responsibilities of an integrator

Assessment and consultation

Integrators begin by understanding the specific requirements and challenges of a business. Through detailed assessments and consultations, they gain insights into the existing processes and identify opportunities for improvement through automation.


Customised solution design

Armed with a deep understanding of a client’s needs, integrators design bespoke data driven automation solutions. This involves selecting the right mix of technologies, such as conveyor systems, automated packaging machines, robotics, and control systems, to create an integrated and efficient system.


Technology integration

Integrators excel at connecting disparate technologies and systems to work seamlessly together to meet the specific needs of their client. Whether it’s integrating new automation into an existing infrastructure or connecting multiple components for a holistic solution, their expertise lies in creating synergy.


Implementation and installation

Once the design is finalised, integrators oversee the physical implementation of the automated system. This involves the installation of hardware, software, and any necessary components, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment.

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Key responsibilities

Testing and optimisation

Rigorous testing is a critical phase in the integration process. Integrators conduct thorough testing to identify any issues or bottlenecks and optimize the system for peak performance. This iterative process ensures a reliable and efficient solution.


Training and change management

As automation often involves a shift in how tasks are performed, integrators can provide training to the workforce. They also play a role in change management, helping employees adapt to new technologies and processes. This could include training on specific systems and equipment.


Maintenance and support

As an integrator CSL recognise that ongoing support is essential. We offer a range of maintenance services to keep the automated system running smoothly. Our ‘ConveyorCare’ service plans, offers our customers different tiers of support to meet their specific requirements and budgets.


Why choose an integrator?

Expertise across industries: Integrators bring a wealth of experience across various industries, allowing them to adapt solutions to meet the specific challenges of different sectors.



Businesses benefit from tailored solutions that address their unique needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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Continuous improvement

Integrators stay abreast of technological advancements, ensuring that automated systems are not just a one-time solution but a pathway to continuous improvement.


In essence, an integrator acts as the guiding force, transforming the vision of an automated, efficient, and streamlined operation into a reality. As businesses embrace the era of automation, the role of the integrator becomes increasingly indispensable, ushering in a new era of operational excellence.


Conveyor Systems Ltd stands as a testament to the power of integration, with over two decades of expertise in seamlessly connecting technologies to elevate materials handling solutions.

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