Conveyor Systems Ltd post success handling Royal Mail Totes

In the ever changing world of logistics, companies have to adapt, change and improve handling methods in order to keep up with the increasing demands and compete in global markets. If Royal Mail is used as one of your carriers, which it is for many e-fulfilment/fulfilment, Mailing Houses, Multi-Channel Customer communication service provider or similar business, then things are set to change.

Recent indications are that the Royal Mail are looking to change the handling medium for typical letters, bank statements, direct mail etc from a combination of cage trolleys & sacks to transporting these in standard stackable plastic totes. As a result of this, Conveyor Systems Ltd, one of the leading UK conveyors system providers and integrators was tasked with engineering a solution which besides successfully assisting a Direct Mailing house make the transition from cage to tote handling, increased their volume throughputs with the added benefit of an excellent return on their investment.

Working closely with both the customer and other equipment suppliers, an automated conveyor system was designed to move their product from several collating/wrapping machines in Royal Mail totes. This involved delivering empty totes to a number of automatic insertion / wrapping machines and then conveying the full totes away from multiple lines for labelling and despatch at a rate of up to 100 totes per minute.

CSL’s reputable experience and proven capabilities in conveyor systems and tote handling conveyors combined with a superior solution over the other companies tendering was identified by the customer as being a preferred partner and therefore ideally suited to providing an automated solution, which not only increased handling capacity but also reduced the overall running costs.

CSL’s experience in warehouse and e-commerce solutions is second to none, using a wide range of products from 24v Zero Line Pressure rollers (non-contact accumulating conveyor), sortation systems and vertical elevators for operations such as order picking/stock replenishment to/from mezzanine floors to pallet conveyors for heavy and bulk applications.

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