Efficient Installation of a Two-Story Warehouse Mezzanine for Enhanced Automation

Aug 18, 2023

In the realm of warehouse optimization, time and efficiency are of the essence. In an impressive display of engineering and planning, a two-story mezzanine is rapidly taking shape within a brief three-week window. This pragmatic approach not only ensures swift progress but also emphasizes the project’s commitment to a seamless integration of innovative technologies.

Swift Progress in Construction

The construction of the two-story mezzanine is proceeding at an impressive pace, a testament to careful planning and effective coordination. Within just three weeks, the framework has risen, providing a multi-level platform that will house essential automation systems. The process is a result of a collaborative effort, with each component fitting together smoothly to form a sturdy structure.

Simultaneous Solar Panel Integration

Coinciding with the mezzanine’s construction is the installation of solar panels on the facility’s roof. This dual endeavor exemplifies a holistic approach, addressing both operational efficiency and sustainable energy practices. The symbiotic integration of solar panels reinforces the project’s commitment to environmentally responsible solutions.

Balancing Speed with Precision

The rapid construction of the mezzanine doesn’t compromise on quality or safety. While speed is a driving factor, stringent safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of workers and the stability of the structure. The project is a careful balance of efficiency, accuracy, and security, resulting in a mezzanine that not only meets deadlines but also adheres to the highest standards.

Setting a New Benchmark

Beyond its swift construction, the mezzanine project holds broader significance for the future of warehouse operations. As it nears completion, the focus turns to the transformative role it will play in enhancing automation processes. The mezzanine serves as a tangible representation of the project’s dedication to innovation and practicality, promising to redefine efficiency in the warehouse landscape.

In conclusion, the expedited installation of a two-story warehouse mezzanine in a matter of weeks underscores the project’s pragmatic approach to both construction and automation. The simultaneous integration of solar panels adds a layer of sustainability to the endeavor. While speed is a notable achievement, the emphasis remains on safety and precision, setting a new standard for efficient yet reliable mezzanine installations.

Creating relationships that last

We are proud to have completed installations over more than 25 years for many major organisations. We have forged strong relationships and continue to provide automation solutions through ongoing maintenance or follow-on projects. Constantly working with our customers to meet and exceed their needs.

"I have found working with CSL the ideal partnership, they understood the brief and worked closely with CEF to ensure the design met all of the criteria. The support from start to finish was excellent. The project ran smoothly from start to finish. The system has made our new warehouse very efficient and allowed us to increase the throughput"  

Craig Marks

Divisional Manager, CEF Online

“As this was a new facility it was difficult to visualise the conveyor system prior to the mezzanine floor installation, but CSL provided a detailed 3D drawing which included both the mezzanine and the conveyors which brought clarity to this. The install process was smooth and the end results have allowed us to increase control, flexibility & volumes”

Dan Corrigan

Head of Logistics & Operations Dev, Wiggle

“We have worked with CSL previously and after many years of reliable operation we decided to use CSL again to design, supply and carry out the installation. As with the last system the benefits became almost immediately evident” 



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